The Wolfing Method

by Admin on February 17, 2011

Ok, let me explain this.  A lot of people are confused to exactly what ‘wolfin’ is.  Wolfing is when you grow your hair out to get waves.  Why do you have to grow your hair out to get waves? Because your hair is a coil and if the coil is not long enough there wont be enough ‘S’ shapes in the coil to create the wave effect when you brush your hair down.

So how is wolfing done?

You simply get shape-ups instead of a full haircut for about a month.  I would suggest 8 weeks if you can make it.  That will make your waves REALLY deep and defined when you finally get it cut.  While you wolf make sure you are stil brushing your hair down and wearing your wave cap so it doesn’t turn into a mini afro.

And a word on hair cuts.  When you get your hair cut, let your barber know you want it DARK.  At least a #2.  Some people can go down to a 1 and 1/2 guard, but I highly suggest you tell him use the #2 guard then judge if you want to go down a little more.  Remember: you can’t put the hair back once it’s cut!

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