How to Get Waves on the Right Side of Your Head

by Admin on February 22, 2011

Once again, here is a common issue people seem to have when getting into the wave game.  They have been waving it up for a few weeks or months and people are starting to notice.  The ladies start to smile more.  They get compliments at work.  But something is still not right when they look in the mirror.

That damned right side won’t come in.

This is a common issue.  So don’t freak out and think it is just something you are going through.  Many many people have had problems getting waves on the right side and there is a reason why.  You see, when you brush you are using the muscles in your forearm, and if you are right handed you are naturally going to get tired faster when brushing the right side of your head than the rest of your head. Your right arm is not used to doing that motion for such a long period of time and you will end up spending less time on that side than the rest of your head.

So to combat this, you need to brush the right side of your head MORE.  I suggest you get a palm brush.  They don’t tire out your arm as much as the handle brushes will.  If you can find a palm brush definitely get it because one day you will need it, especially if that right side won’t come in!

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