How to Get Shiny Hair Waves

by Admin on February 20, 2011

I don’t know why, but many guys are obsessed with this topic.  You would not believe how often I am asked how to get shiny waves.  I usually wouldn’t post this, but there is a trick to it that you may have never heard about.

See, most people don’t get shiny waves because they don’t experiment with the pomades and greases they use enough.  If you keep on using the same old stuff, you keep on getting the same old results. Right? Of course it’s right!  So if you are not getting shiny waves using “spinning waves” hair grease why would you continue to use it? You have to try something different from time to time to get where you want to be.

With all that said here is the trick I would use to make my 360 waves look shiny.

Yes, that is Let’s Jam! Hair gel.  That is all I use.  I would brush my hair like normal, use a little pomade, then top it off with Let’s Jam! I used the brand that came in the container with the teal top.

The thing about Lets Jam! is that it is commonly used for young girls to make their hair look healthy and shiny.  And you know they want their hair to look good.  So it was a no brainer for me to try using it and it worked.  I don’t suggest you use it all the time, as it isn’t really for short hair and may be hair to wash out, but for special occasions it is fine.  It gives you that extra shine to your waves and it holds pretty nice as well.

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