Best Pomade For Hair Waves

by Admin on February 14, 2011

So you are on your wave journey and you need to decide what is the best pomade to really get you spinning.  Well the thing is, you are in luck.  There are a lot of different choices to choose from and they all are pretty good!  Remember the bulk of the reason why you get waves is going to be because of how well you brush.  Pomades are just a bonus to the work you already put in, and keep you hair healthy.

So what pomade should you use for 360 waves? Like I said there are a lot. Let’s jump right in.

I always recommend beginners to start with pink lotion? Why? Because it is cheap.  You can get it at dollar general or any dollar store near you for $0.99.  You usually get a nice size bottle too, so always have some of this in reserve in case you go traveling you can afford to lose it.  It is nice and light and you can gob it on your head while you brush with no problems.

The next pomade you should invest in is carrot creme. It is a little bit more expensive than pink lotion at about $3-$5 a jar, and it is getting harder and harder to find across the country.  I once paid $7 for a container of it, and the store only had 2 left!  I’ve also seen other stores cut back on carrying carrot creme and increase their prices as well. Why? I do not know but it is some good stuff.  It smells funny but it goes in well and leave your hair nice and healthy looking!

The next pomades you are going to find are the olive oils.  I certainly do not recommend these, because carrot creme is so much better but it sadly is all most stores are carrying these days.  Olive oil smells better than carrot creme but to me it is a lot greasier.  It is also more expensive.

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