Best Hair Grease For Your Waves

by Admin on February 9, 2011

This is a common question that a lot of people ask when they begin to start waving their hair up. “What is the best grease for 360 waves?”  Well to give you the short version, there is no ‘best’ wave grease.  There are some that a lot of people like and some that a lot of people don’t like.  But all in all they are all kind of similar.

The kind you will most likely see if you have been to the store lately is Murray’s Hair Grease.  It comes in an orange can usually.  It is a thick wax that you have to knead with your hands before you can apply it to your hair.  Then you brush your hair into place and viola, it holds.  It is a very good grease although it is very thick.  Some people have a problem washing Murrays out thier hair.  At least I know I do.

The next kind of grease you will probably run into is called “Sporting Waves.”  Sporting waves is cool because it is made specifically for waves.  It comes in a black can last time I checked.  I usually don’t use grease at all, but when I do I use sporting waves.

That reminded me of the most interesting man commercial lol.  “I don’t usually use hair grease, but when I do I use sporting waves.”

The next kind that you will see is called Spinning Waves.  It is sold in Walmart.  It comes in a white plastic containter with a blue top.  This stuff is garbage in my opinion.  I once went out and bought all of “spinning waves” products and they were all very, very, very disappointing to me.  Spinning waves durags rip all the time, the grease smells funny and is too greasy and doesn’t hold well, and their pomade smells funny too. That is just MY opinion.

If I had to rank them this would be the order:

  1. Spinning Waves
  2. Murrays Orange Can
  3. No grease at all
  4. Spinning Waves

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